Whether you run a Bakery or a Clothing store, we can help you get your online business up and running — today!

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Whether you run a bakery or a clothing store, we can help you get your online business up and running — today!
Hitech’s online store can be adapted to any type of online business, including:
Arts & Crafts
Cakes & Bakery
Home and Kitchen
Meat and
Restaurants & Food Delivery
Consumer Goods
We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to create a stylish, eye-catching and user-friendly e-commerce website in just a day.
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Creating an Online Store

Creating an online store used to require coding skills, graphic design
know-how and a host of related technical disciplines. But the Hitech online
store gives you all the tools in one convenient online text-muted platform
  • A fully functional, user-friendly e-commerce website
  • A detailed product catalog
  • Marketing tools to win new customers
  • Integrated ordering and payment solutions
  • Store management functions
  • Delivery management systems

Visually Stunning Stores!

With the Hitech's online store, you get everything you need to create stunning stores that will grab the attention of your customers.

Fast, responsive and fully integrated with billing software for more convenience


Create an Enticing Store Window

Showcase your best or most popular products with the use of striking visuals, in-depth descriptions and detailed product information.

Create a virtual store window the entire world will see!


Process Payments Securely

Take the hassle out of payments, banking and accounting by letting Hitech combine all of these vital tasks in one easy-to-use platform.

Process orders automatically and collect payments securely — and allow your customers to shop with confidence.

Grow Your Online Store with
Innovative Marketing Tools

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Spread the word about your online store with a suite of marketing tools.
Attract new customers, broaden your market and develop your brand’s reputation
with a global audience by integrating WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms.
With just the click of a mouse, you can create viral marketing campaigns that will send your sales into orbit!

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Build Your E-commerce Store and Sell Online with Hitech

Have you decided to take advantage of the boom in online retailing? Do you want to get a headstart over your competitors? With Hitech’s easy-to-use app, you can start selling online in just three simple steps:

  • Give your free online store a name
  • Add your products and product descriptions
  • Set up your payment system and start selling

The Hitech app makes setting up a custom domain as easy as clicking a mouse. Build your own online store without any knowledge of coding or web design, and give your brand the widest possible audience.

Hitech’s online store is easy to use, adaptable and fully compatible with a number of third-party tools. And it can be used in conjunction with Hitech's billing solutions.

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